The Confederate Flag Needs To Go

Okay a quick post here… I haven’t had a moment to talk more about the terrorism that happened in South Carolina last month but I just can’t hold this shit back anymore and need to at least say this…

The Confederate flag needs to be removed. It is a symbol of white supremacy, end of story. Even if you try to say it stands for other things, the bottom line is that it was and is a symbol of white supremacy and the brutalization of entire race of people. I have heard white southerners say that it is part of their history and their ancestors died for that. For one, I think this is a convenient distraction from the reality of what that flag really stands for. In addition, there’s no mention of why their ancestors were dying for this flag. They completely ignore the fact that the war was largely (perhaps solely?) fought to continue a horrendously barbaric practice of enslaving human beings. The other really shitty thing is that white people are not the only ones who have ancestors who died because of that flag. Yes, maybe your ancestors died for that flag. But millions of African Americans were enslaved, brutalized, terrorized and murdered because of that flag. That this fact is not even mentioned in public discourse (mainly by white people) is evidence that our culture still upholds white supremacy.

And that needs to stop. Bring down the flag – that’s a first step. But then all us white people need to think about our own racism and the ways we, intentionally or unintentionally, contribute to ongoing white supremacy. I am fucking sick of white people making racism about them. Our country would be so much better if we stopped being so damn entitled. Black Americans have been terribly impacted by American white supremacy and they have been most impacted by the confederate flag. And so I think it is only right to let them decide what to do with the confederate flag. That’s restitution. That is justice.

That’s all I got.

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One Response to The Confederate Flag Needs To Go

  1. donzo442 says:

    Damn straight and well said Izzy.

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