F*ck that… or, let’s talk about layers

This heartbreakingly real piece from the Guardian about the reported words from the terrorist in yesterday’s massacre in Charleston triggered a visceral reaction in me. Whereas before I was shocked and saddened now I am livid too. So let’s talk about layers…

First of all, white man who killed innocent people last night, f- what you said. No really, really f- what you said. How dare you claim to avenge the rape of white women by killing black people, mainly black women? How dare you ignore the brutal systemic rape of black women (and men, for that matter) by white men in this country that began in slavery and undoubtedly continues to this day? How dare you call white women your women? As a white woman, I can say that I deeply resent being referred to as “our women” by men. I’m a human who belongs to no one but myself. How dare you use such terminology to legitimize the property of women while in the same sentence pretending you give a damn when your actions clearly say you couldn’t give two sh*ts about most people’s lives, not black people’s lives, not women’s lives and especially not black women’s lives.  And while we’re talking about misogyny, how dare you ignore the fact that white men do not have a good track record when it comes to white women? How dare you claim violence against white women is perpetrated by men of color when in reality white men are the primary perpetrators of violence against white women? F- that you ignored the fact that women of color endure misogyny primarily at the hands of white men.

And what do you mean “our country”? You mean the country white people from Europe stole from indigenous people?? How dare you act like white people are the only ones who can lay a claim to this land when it was never really ours to begin with? And wtf, don’t you know how most black people ended up here to begin with? If it weren’t for our colonization of this land and our forced slavery of Africans, black people wouldn’t be here to be subjected to your terrorism in the first place. And you know what? That is twisted and messed up. How dare you be so brutally violent and then blame the victims?

I’m sick over what you did. And I’m sick that you blamed the people you killed for your horrible actions. I’m sick over the fact that this country can’t acknowledge it has a real problem with white supremacy and misogyny among other issues and that when people are dangerously entitled they will harm, even kill people, because they think they have the right to.

So as was said in the piece from The Guardian, your massacre was not about rape. It was not about anything but white supremacy. And I suppose, it was about your unchecked privilege and entitlement. It was about the fact that far too many people aren’t held accountable to the entitled beliefs stemming from their privilege(s), and in this case white people’s entitled beliefs about people of color, specifically black people. It’s about the fact that our society refuses to acknowledge that white supremacy and systems of oppression in general are incredibly dangerous and that always – always – for the people who are oppressed there is the threat of violence by people who will do anything to keep their power and status in society. That’s what you did. You think you are superior and that you have the right to be violent and kill because of your self-and-societal-assumed superiority.

Well f- that.

Oh wow, as I got ready to publish this, I checked Google news and I see that the man who is suspected of murdering these innocent people has been caught.

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3 Responses to F*ck that… or, let’s talk about layers

  1. donzo442 says:

    Izzy? It’s perfectly acceptable to say it. The ‘f’ word. Fuck that punk ass piece of shit that killed innocent people. In a church? No no, that won’t cut it. So what the fuck is the whiz-bang homeland security detail doing about the supremacists working terror in America? Sure the FBI has more than enough time and resources to entrapment disgruntled Muslims. But the fucking insane crackers plotting a race war? The fucking bullshit is deep in the Amerikan homeland and there is no justice!
    I’m just saying…

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