365 days and counting

Just a quick post here and one that I should have done last week. Last Tuesday, April 14 2015, marked one year since the schoolgirls in Nigeria were taken. They are still missing.

While much of the world’s ADD focus has gone on to other issues (of which there are many and when it comes to humanitarian crises, they all warrant significant attention), the Nigerian girls have been like a blip on the radar. Their story(ies) are something that happened last year and for a month or so, the world focused its attention and efforts heavily on what had happened to them. Then they no longer dominated our headlines. The story of how they had gone missing had suddenly gone missing, just as quickly as they had. Occasionally, their story resurfaced, only to then be buried by the weight of countless other stories, equally terrifying and tragic. Then the anniversary of their abduction happened and they re-captured the world’s attention. But only for a day or two. At the time of my posting, the mainstream media has already moved on from the publicity surrounding the one year marker of their abductions.

There are so many stories around the world and here in the US that I could focus on. Tragic, humanitarian crises of unthinkable magnitudes are constantly covered incessantly then dropped and ignored without explanation. But for a variety of reasons, Nigeria is important to me. And it is my hope that when I remember the girls from Nigeria, and perhaps remind the handful of people who will read this post, that I will remember (and others will remember) the staggeringly countless other people whose stories have been devoured and dropped.

And as we remember, it is important to hold on to our humanity and well-being. Our humanity facilitates our concern for others and we remember that the sheer factor of their own humanities is why they should not be forgotten. And still, we do so carefully for we are only human too. Remember but don’t overwhelm. It’s a fine balance and, at least for me, a work in progress.

Source: wikipedia.org

Source: wikipedia.org

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