Finally a not so serious post! Aka it’s Friday and I don’t want to wear pants

So in my last post, I focused on some of the negative aspects of being a woman. In this post, I’ll focus on some of the positive ones (spoiler alert: there are quite a few!).

Do you ever get up in the morning, look out the window and based upon what you see think, ‘No way am I wearing pants today!’ No? Are you sure?

Cuz that’s what happened to me today. And yesterday. The past two days were dress days. Okay and yes, absolutely a man can wear a dress (or anyone of any gender, for that matter). However, I’m guessing your average guy doesn’t feel comfortable donning a dress. No scratch that. Your average, cisgender guy probably has never even thought of wearing a dress.

And therein lies one of the benefits of being a woman, even amidst traditional gender norms. NOT that I think traditional gender norms are overall okay. But considering they still dominate our societal norms, I sometimes like to focus on the few benefits I get from them.

Specifically, dresses. Seriously. Anyone who hasn’t worn one does not know what they are missing. Not only are many (definitely not all) super comfortable but they are versatile. I have so many dresses that I can wear give or take 10 20 pounds. If it’s warm out, it’s dress weather. If it’s cold out, it’s dress/tights/boots weather. And when it’s raining or snowing? It’s sure as hell not pants weather on those days. I tell you, it’s dress weather. How lucky am I that it’s socially appropriate for me to throw on a pair of fleece-lined, comfortable rain boots, tights and a dress and call it a work outfit? Yeah I’m pretty f’in’ lucky.

To clarify, this does not mean that I think, ‘Ah jeez, maybe men have the real raw end of the deal here, cuz they can’t wear dresses without fear of harassment.’ No. The benefits men gain from traditional gender norms far, far outweigh any unintentional negative consequences. But. That doesn’t mean there aren’t certain norms that, by chance, have worked out better for women. I repeat, make no mistake, customs that were created by patriarchy did not and do not have women’s best interests in mind. But thankfully, some of them, it turns out, ended up working well for us. Nor does this post mean that I think because there a few coincidental benefits women get from current social norms that I then think we shouldn’t strive to eradicate said norms, cuz they do way more harm than good. So, let’s keep fighting for more and more equality and justice. Let’s fight for a society where women benefit just as much as men, not by chance but by choice because women are human too and that’s what is right. Let’s fight for a society where anyone can wear what they want without fear of harassment or abuse.


Seriously it’s totally socially acceptable that this woman is basically wearing a sleeping bag. How lucky is that? Source:

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