Remember how I said I was going to keep writing about the girls who were abducted last spring in Nigeria by Boko Haram? Yeah I didn’t either. Or at least I almost didn’t. The girls would occasionally blip across my over-active mind and I’d think ‘Oh, I really need to write another blog post about them.’ Then I’d come across something else I wanted to write about and I wrote about that, instead of writing about them. So basically, I forgot. And for that, I am deeply sorry.

In fact, I removed them so far from my mind that I wasn’t even sure if they were still missing or not. So I googled the story. They’re still missing. And I found this article that implores us to remember them because it’s going to be hard to bring them back if much of the world has forgotten them.

The article was written on January 7th and at that point, it had been 269 days since the girls were taken. So now it’s been 275 days (I’m writing this on 1/13, though it’ll likely post as 1/14). Two hundred and seventy-five days. Even just writing that takes awhile. And it’s probably been about 220 days since it was “en vogue” to tweet about them. They’re no longer a fad. But that’s just it – they’re girls, humans. They never were a fad but we treated them as such and called it caring. But it’s not okay and it’s not enough. Because they’re not a fad and they’re not back. And maybe even if the whole world is still paying attention and hash-tagging about them, they still won’t return home. But I think it’s a lot more likely that they will if we keep them on the forefront of the world’s pulse (aka the internet).

So it’s no longer trendy but that’s where for those of us who know of this unspeakable tragedy only from behind the safety of our computer screens – that’s where we can chose for sh*t to get real. And we should. Because it is real. It’s so very real for those 219 girls and their loved ones. So #dontsuccumbtoourculturestendenciestowardsdistraction #rememberourgirls #speakup #bringbackourgirls

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