31 out of 50

I’ve been out of the blogosphere for almost a month! That’s because I was on a lengthy, quasi-cross-country road trip. My husband and I flew to Minneapolis and drove to Fresno, CA (I know Fresno, random, right?) but that was the closest airport to our final stop at the Sequoia Forest. We stopped in South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and other parts of CA along the way. It was a blast!

I’d always wanted to do a cross-country road trip and in my 20s, it just didn’t happen. I’ve been to states all around the country but never driven across it. I’ve also driven down the east coast once in entirety and because my mom moved away when I was still in high school, I drove a few times from Vermont to the south. I’m pretty familiar with the east coast. The east coast changes pretty drastically in terms of culture but not so much in terms of topography. Things don’t really start to look all that much different (especially from the highway) until you get to Florida or maybe the southern/coastal Carolinas or Georgia. I wanted to witness the cultural differences in this country and watch as the topography changed. At this point, I don’t have long vacations. I don’t have time to drive from the Northeast to the West Coast. So we flew to the middle and drove from there. The length of the trip was longer than driving from northern New England to Florida and I saw many more differences geographically and culturally. It was pretty amazing.

So now I’ve been to 32 of the 50 states, plus DC. I’m past the halfway point and hope to make it to all fifty! As my husband and I went from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls, SD to Casper, WY to San Francisco, I was taken aback by how different my country is. I felt lucky to live in a country so big and vast and varied that you can live in places that feel totally different without having to worry about minor details, like citizenship. Pretty cool. And of course, despite all the options I’ve had and privilege I have, I’ve only ever lived in the Northeast of the the US. Oh well…

But seriously, I mean just look at these photos! Look how different each corner of the US is. If you’re reading this as an American, consider how unique this is. There are some sh*tty aspects of the US but this one is pretty dang awesome. We have a whole little world right within our own country. Side note – the photo of mountains and snow – yeah, that’s not snow, it’s salt. Those are the Salt Flats, you all.

DSC05675 DSC05728 DSC05751 DSC05780 DSC05794 DSC05819 DSC05826 DSC05875 DSC05928 DSC05929 DSC05945 DSC05958 DSC05964 DSC05980 DSC06018 DSC06040 DSC06050 DSC06059

Left to right, bottom to top – Badlands in SD, Town of Wall in SD, Black Hills in SD, Welcome to Wyoming, Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, Wyoming mountains, Town of Dubois in Wyoming, Jackson in Wyoming, Idaho countryside, Salt Lake City, Salt Flats, Lake Tahoe, Lombard St in San Francisco, San Francisco skyline, Big Sur in California, Mountains near the Sequoia Park, Largest tree in the world, a big sequoia

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