Twinkly lights and a shiny tall building

are what pulled me from my everything.

I thought it was where I’d belong,

where I’d wanted to be all along.

But what happened that night, left me breathless and cut me like a knife.

The months to follow

brought more sorrow.

I reached out and grasped hard at my life.

Only to watch it slip through my fingers,

and fall away where the asphalt lingers.

Months turned to many years.

There were more scars and too many tears.

As my heart was marked by wars,

the pull got stronger towards old shores

of lakes and meadows filled with fireflies

creating a twinkly scene under different skies.

Crisp as apples cold air,

a running deer turns to stare.

Fields and trees blanketed with snow

and I know it’s where I must go.

The place I really belong,

where I’ve needed to be all along.


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