More racism – and misogyny – emerging from the Sterling story

I talked about how much misogyny is going unchecked in all the media coverage of Donald Sterling and his overt racism. And that post was about his own misogyny. But this video really takes the cake of how the media is perpetuating sexism and misogyny in their coverage of this story.

First of all this video is subtitled “A look at Donald Sterling’s women” – really?! Based on what I’m hearing about this dude, he doesn’t need any reinforcement that women are “his”, in other words, property belonging to him. Then in the video his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, is basically ripped apart in the video, as the “news” (can this be called news?) anchor lists Stiviano’s goals and dreams in a mocking tone. The reporter notes that while Stiviano had big dreams, for now she’s just the “other woman.” This alludes to the sexist belief that a woman isn’t anything more than her relationship to/with a man. As the mocking continues, both misogyny and racism are in full effect as choice photos of Stiviano flash across the screen as the anchor continues in her condescending tone to describe them. Then Donald Sterling’s wife, Rochelle is brought up. There are no what could be termed “risque” photos of her, maybe because there aren’t any or maybe none were used because she’s white and thus she is “only” objectified by her gender and not her race. Or maybe it’s because she’s older and some ageism is at play too. Maybe it’s both age and race. Either way, while this is certainly not good PR for Rochelle, she is spared the same level of condescension and scrutiny that Stiviano endures.

In the end, the video concludes with an articulate statement by Rochelle and a summary of various lawsuits she’s filed against Stiviano. Nice. Now tell me, how likely is it that this is a case where an entitled and bigoted man is pitting two women against each other? And managing to distract us all from the misogyny and subtle racism that he’s perpetuating and that the media is really perpetuating?

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