Whimsy up your weekend post numero trece: Thoughts for a rainy weekend

Well so far, it’s been a cold and rainy spring here in the northeastern United States. The Farmer’s Almanac predicted we’d have a very snowy and cold winter and that was true. So what have they predicted for our spring? Cold and wet – with a hot, humid and rainy summer to follow – yay, global warminnnggg! *sarcasm*

So I guess I need to face the facts and focus on what I like about rainy days, or specifically what I like to do on rainy days. I’ll try to contain myself since I am a homebody and could make this list very, very long. So I’ll try to keep it short. Hmmm… what’s my top favorite thing to do on a rainy weekend? Okay, I’m not going to lie, it is…

1. Sleep in and take naps. I love sleeping. Sometimes I think I have weekend narcolepsy. Yes, I made up that term. But sometimes on Saturday or Sunday, I just. can’t. keep. my. eyes. open. any.more. I have to take a nap. I am tired during the week but not to the same extent, or maybe it’s just more that I can succumb to the somnolence on the weekend but obviously not at work. In any case, most weekend afternoons, there comes a time when I need to go back under the covers. And yeah, I may have already slept in until 10, maybe even 11 but by 2 pm, I’ll be back out. On a nice, warm day, it’s annoying, especially if I’m trying to actually do something that requires being awake, which pretty much everything does. But if it’s a rainy day, whatevs. I’m not missing one of those rare northeast beautiful days. I can just let myself sleep – and like a boss I do. Plus, the little (or heavy) patter of rain drops on my roof and windows lures me into a deep and peaceful slumber.

haha - becoming more and more true for me

Source: Skreened.com

2. Binge watch TV on Netflix. Yeah, it’s not very healthy but I love it. My recent faves have been Twin Peaks (yeah I missed the early 90s, or wait, no it’s that I was 8 and this show wasn’t really appropriate for me to watch at that point), Pretty Little Liars (I haven’t seen the current season so please no spoilers!), Orange is the New Black (who *hasn’t* gone on a binge w/that?!), House of Cards (again, I haven’t finished season 2 so please so spoilers) and I *just* started Scandal – no spoilers! Anyways, some of these are totally trashy and perhaps also make me put aside my feminist beliefs but still, so fun to just watch and watch… and watch, on a rainy day, that is.

3. Binge pin on Pinterest. This pin pretty much sums up my Pinterest experience.


Source: Pinterest

4. Reading. Curling up under a warm blanket and reading with tea. Or coffee. Or wine.

5. Baking. This is a yummmyyy blueberry baked good find I made on a rainy day about three years ago.


6. Snuggling with these guys…


And I could go on and on. But I won’t.


And yeah that photo was taken in Ireland, not where I live, but it shows the good side of a rainy day. What are some of your rainy day go-tos? As you can see, I’m pretty lazy in the rain. Maybe some of you have more energy. Once when it was raining, I was using a treadmill in the basement of my mom’s house and had the genius idea to step off the treadmill briefly and hope back on it, while it was running. It ended quickly and not well for me. Maybe that’s why I am sedentary on rainy days. JK. But either way, don’t try getting on a moving treadmill. It won’t end well. Trust me.

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