It’s okay to be female (biologically or otherwise) and not want to be a mom!

I spent about five years of my life being convinced I didn’t want to have children/be a mom. I have a younger sister and I have always liked caring for and spending time with children. But if I thought about having my own kids? Well that would mean waking up at all hours of the night multiple times per night and feeling like my schedule was being micromanaged by a pre-schooler. At age 21, I thought, “No thanks!” And this continued until I was about 26. Now in my early 30s, I do want to be a mom but not quite yet. I could be considered a “late-bloomer” when it comes to parenthood. I remember how much it stung when prior to changing my mind on kids, people looked at me condescendingly when I told them I didn’t plan to have kids, as if they knew me better I did!!

So for these reasons, I always appreciate a good read like this, even if it is from Cosmo.

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