Another one year marker

The Boston Marathon bombing anniversary approaches the one year mark, as I discussed in my last post. But on a happier note, this post marks the (almost) one-year anniversary of when I began this blog. I “published” my first post on 4/13/13. This past year has brought a lot being in Boston on that day, buying a house and moving into it, getting married and really feeling grateful about my wedding and, most importantly, finding an outlet to express my many thoughts. So here’s a look back on some of the posts I’m most happy with.

First is my first post on this blog about domestic violence, Let’s get a few things sorted out about… domestic violence. I think I did a good job of discussing DV and the importance of understanding its complexities and nuances.

The second post I’m proud of is the one that discussed perfectionism as a gendered issue, Ladies, you don’t deserve to be perfect. Yeah, I went there.

And Why “except in cases of rape or incest” is terrible idea (in regards to abortion) because well, obviously it is!

I also was happy with my post Backlash against Melissa Gorga’s book seems victim-blaming to me. While many people were upset by this book, I think many missed a main point, which is that Melissa is, perhaps unconsciously, disclosing partner abuse and that her book should be viewed within that context and all the accompanying trauma that comes with it.

My post On pseudo understanding poverty but hey I’d never judge was important for me to write. Even though I discuss my privilege and leave my self open to (perhaps very warranted) criticism, I think it’s important to acknowledge my own privilege and the ways in which it has contributed to my success. Because it wasn’t just hard work that got me where I am.

And then my post I got my sense of humor from my problems is a post that makes proud. It’s not easy to reflect on stressful and traumatic times but I’m happy that I can do so and see the ways in which what I have endured has given me positive qualities. And that I can also connect this to a societal issue on gender, trauma and sexism. Although sometimes I wish I’d called it “What doesn’t kill you, makes you funnier” but whatevs. Nobody’s perfect, right?! 😉

So there’s a recap. I hope to keep up this blog for years to come… I wonder for how much longer blogs will be a popular social media outlet but I hope it’s for a long time because I have a lot to say. And I feel happy when I post, especially a post I think turned out well, and I hope this blog brings something positive to you too.


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