Whimsy up your weekend – post numero nueve: Welcome Spring!

I skipped this last weekend.  There’s been sad and bad news from my friends and family the past two weeks and I wasn’t feeling very whimsical last weekend.  So it goes…  Hopefully this will make up for my lack of post last week.

Well it’s late March, which makes it early spring here in the northern hemisphere.  Of course, just as I was writing that last sentence a strong wind picked up outside, howling as though it were an Arctic gale…  Oh well, so it goes in the Northeastern section of the USA.  Anyways, this year, I’m embracing spring.  Normally, spring for me means summer is just around the corner and summer is not a season for which I long.  At least not since the summer of 2005.  But this year winter was extra challenging.  And it was not easy for me to adjust to my new, long commute when blizzards were occurring on a weekly basis.  So now I look forward to warmer, less complicated weather.

But more than that, I think something within me is changing – for the better.  I think returning to a more rural area is just what I need to heal from past traumas that lingered in the humid haze of urban summer days.  In the country, the summer doesn’t bring the trigger of bad memories.  It reminds me of a more peaceful and fresh time and my heavy heart could use some of that.  And so for this reason too, I now welcome spring into my home, my heart and my life.

I’m starting to remember that spring is a transformative time that brings with it fresh air, fresh flowers and fresh starts.  Every now and then, I smell the mud ground thawing out and remember what it was like as a kid to inhale that scent and know that freedom was just around the corner.  It meant that another school year was ending, for better or for worse, and my life was moving on with it.  But yeah, more importantly, it meant summer vacation would arrive soon.

Spring is warm, soft and light air.  It is longer days and shorter nights.  It is being able to open a window and let the outside in.  It is flowers and birds and rolling, green meadows.  Spring makes it easier and breezier to pick out an outfit and get out the door.  Spring is iced coffee and the return of (affordable and fresh) peaches and berries at the supermarket.  Spring means more sun, more hikes and more picnics.

And at this point in my life, all that sounds like exactly what I need.


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