Whimsy up your weekend – post numero cuatro: Kittens

I’m a little lacking on whimsy, feel-good thoughts right now.  Not for any particular reason, things are great for me.  I was just busy this weekend and forgot to think of a nice, warm and fuzzy, creative post.  But I wanted to post something before the weekend ends – and it’s almost over :/  So I figured who doesn’t like kittens?

My husband and I acquired our two little bundles of kitten joy about a month ago.  They are rescue kittens from the same litter.  They were born in mid October and as almost entirely black cats, they are perfect little Halloween kitties.  And they’re the model kittens to dispel all those ugly black cat stereotypes as they’re super cuddly and affectionate and purr almost constantly.  They were rescued at five weeks and had two siblings.  They were all very weak and unfortunately the other two didn’t make it 😦  That breaks my heart.  But fortunately, our lil guys were able to be nursed back to good health.  And we’re so grateful for that.


We love you, perfect little kitten friends!!!


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