Whimsy up your weekend: Post numero tres – What I like About You, Winter

Awhile back I wrote a post about feeling down during the summer and actually preferring winter to summer.  What can I say… I’m cold and dark person.  Haha, jk – mostly jk anyways!  But in all seriousness, I actually do like winter – and sometimes I do prefer it to summer.  Although, now that I’ve moved and have a long commute that becomes dangerous in inclement weather, winter is wearing on me and I’ve been longing for summer’s return.  Just because summer is easier.  And since I no longer live in a city, summer is also not so bad for me.  I’m just not a summer in the city person.

Just for the record, fall is my favorite.  But for someone who lives in the northeast of the United States, I’ve made my peace with winter and I actually have found some peace in the coldest and darkest of seasons.


I love how quiet and crisp winter is.  I love me some crisp air.  I feel calm and well when it’s a cold, crisp winter night and the world around me seems to stop in quiet awe of the bright winter moon that lights up the sky in a way a summer moon just can’t.


I love being inside, cozying up with tea, warm blankets and books.  And kittens.


I like the warmth that can be found by a fire on a frigid day.  I love sipping coffee and wearing long fleece socks.

winter 4

Of course, this is because I am lucky and privileged and I have never been homeless and have always had a safe, comfortable home.

I love napping in winter wearing warm socks and covered by many blankets.  Basically I’m a gigantic homebody and I love a season that lends itself to staying at home all day and night.  But should I venture out, I do love working up a sweat on a chilly day and then sipping hot chocolate by a fire.  And knowing that you just never know what cool (literally) things you may stumble upon.


This is me as I exit an ice castle via slide.

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