Whimsy up your weekend – post numero uno: 5 movies…

I’ve decided to start posting one happy, feel-good post per weekend.  I know this goes against my earlier post about not writing more than one post/week in an effort to take care of myself.  But this is a feel-good post and it’s important for my well-being to focus on the happier parts of life.  So now this blog will (hopefully) be a balance of happy and serious posts.  Without further ado, the feel-good post of the week is…

The top five movies that make me feel like a kid again.  Whenever I watch them, I have this wonderful experience of simultaneously seeing the movies through my adult eyes and my childhood eyes-

1. Home Alone

This one kinda goes without saying, especially immediately following the holidays.  Pretty much anyone who was a child circa 1991 knows that their inner child LOVES this movie.  Except for my husband.  He’s the only person I know who’s annoyed by Kevin McCallister.

2.  Jurassic Park

Several years ago, I was flipping through the channels and came across this treasure trove of childhood memories.  I was also eating a bowl of M&M’s and whipped cream with a spoon (and no, nothing else was in that bowl, yup!) – so maybe that was why I suddenly felt like a kid again.  Regardless, I was right back to being eleven years old and watching this movie on VHS with friends at a slumber party.

3.  A League of Their Own

“That looked good to me Ellen Sue that looked good to me!”  Girl empowerment!  Wish they’d focused more on women of color during that time period but alas… still, go Dottie, go Peaches!!

4.  Hook

From gif-central.blogspot.com

From gif-central.blogspot.com

Bangarang!  ‘Nough said.

5.  Clue

From nycbrightestyoungthings.com

From nycbrightestyoungthings.com

A slapstick comedy that’s not really appropriate for the elementary school crowd.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t watch it only a million times between 4th and 8th grade.  I watched it this past October and realized that even though I hadn’t seen the movie in over ten years, I still knew nearly all the lines by heart.  For instance, the lines following the one in the GIF above are as follows-
Mr Body: “You don’t need any help from me.”  Colonel Mustard: “That’s right.”  haha

So there you have it!  My top 5 feel-like-a-kid-again movies in my first feel-good post.  If you’re reading this and in the midst of MLK weekend, have a good long weekend!

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