Aaaargarggggggaaaahhhhh. Ahhhhhh!

Aaaargarggggggaaaahhhhh.  Ahhhhhh!

That is the reaction I had as I read this article about George Zimmerman being again questioned over allegations of domestic violence. And I was reading the article on a train and it was hard to suppress my feelings.  It’s just so upsetting.  He threatened his girlfriend with a gun.  Just sickening, not even six months since he was acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin.  I’m sorry but the chances of you getting falsely accused or misunderstood that many times (that the mass public knows of) is like incredibly, incredibly unlikely.  Like for real, it’s really unlikely.

I hope the outcome is different this time.  I mean is it possible in the year 2013 for someone to be accused of the same thing repeatedly in a very public forum and still get away with it?!  Only time will tell but let’s hope not.

Okay this was a quick post.  Gots to go.  Good night.

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