So I just edited my last post.  Because I’d said “lashback at Melissa’s Gorga’s book.”  Lashback.  I know it’s backlash.  Backlash.  Really, I do.  I’m just so exhausted, work is so busy (it’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which I need to write a post about).  So anyways, I’m a little embarrassed about my “typo.”  But, what else can I expect during October, my favorite but busiest month of the year?  Case in point, today I was talking about mice (yeah, I was).  And I said, “Mouses are not that big.”  Mouses.  That’s where my brain and ability to articulate are these days.  So please excuse any typos.  During October, my brain feels as easy to navigate as a Boston traffic jam.  I don’t even know if that simile makes sense.  But whatevs.  It’s October.

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