Fall memories from summer

I was walking around a local branch of a well-known greeting card store recently and browsing their Halloween cards.  One card played “scary” sounds upon opening it, like creepy music, howling and boo-ing (is that a verb?).  It totally brought me back to my childhood and listening to this card store’s Halloween tape.  In the late 80s and early 90s, my sister and I listened to it repeatedly during October… and probably during other months too.

Years went by and the tape wasn’t played for awhile.  Until high school.  Rummaging through my stuff one day, I found the old tape.  My friend, who’d recently got her driver’s license, arrived at my house shortly after my re-discovery of the Halloween tape.  She was driving her mom’s minivan and I ran out the door and got into the van, tape in hand.  I just couldn’t put it down – ride arrived or not.  I had to listen to it.

My friend and I drove off, picked up another friend and I decided it was high time to bust out the tape.  My friends and I were pretty weird quirky and so when I took out the tape, they totally wanted to listen to it while driving around.  This was in the late ’90s when it was super cool to have a car with tinted windows and an amazing bass system to use to blast your music.  So one of my friends had the brilliant idea of blaring the sound effects side of the tape while we cruised a strip that was known for teenagers driving around while blasting music.  So there we were, driving around in a minivan on the local strip mall’s road while howling and grating sounds blasted from the van’s speakers.  And it was July.

So when I opened the greeting card earlier this week only to hear an evil laugh, I started laughing as I remembered that summer day.  And I’m sure I got a few strange looks as I laughed along with the cackling card.

Fall’s my favorite season.  And today marks the start of it.  So happy fall you all – may festive autumn times sneak their way into all of your seasons!

English: Pumpkins

English: Pumpkins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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