The hilarity that is this tumblr

So maybe I’m not supposed to find the tumblr, “My Friends Are Getting Married and I’m Just 25 and Drunk” funny anymore.  You know, now that I’m engaged and in my 30s.  But I do find it funny – no, I find it hilarious.  And actually, I retract the first sentence of this post for being completely redonkulous.  You can find this tumblr funny at any point in life, regardless of your life current life circumstances.  For me, it certainly brings me back to my single days.  I didn’t meet my fiancé until I was 27, which is not at all old.  But it was old enough for me to watch some of my friends get engaged while I was waiting for a call back from that cute guy I went on a first date with the other night….  And overall, that didn’t bother me.  I was thrilled for my friends.  But.  Every now and then, I did feel insecure.  And every now and then, someone would make some petty comment that made me feel pretty crappy about my relationship status.  And for that reason, I totally relate to some most of the posts on “My Friends Are Getting Married.”

Plus, let’s face it.  Weddings and marriage can be wonderful.  But they also are respectively part of industries and systems that include some people and exclude others – in a fairly oppressive way.  Oh and not to mention, the historical misogyny from which it all stems…  So my point in this tiny rant is that, as much as love and commitment are great – I sometimes want to gag (and sometimes I do gag) over the way our society views weddings and marriage and I am just not one of those people who sees my wedding day as my life’s biggest moment (a big moment? Absolutely! But biggest?  Well, I have had many big moments that are disparate enough I could never compare them to each other).  So, I totally get what it’s like to not understand all the hype – I still don’t.  And “My Friends Are Getting Married and I’m Just Getting Drunk” speaks to my social justice side too – the part of me that says, ‘the wedding business is an industry and just a ploy to make us spend way too much money and marriage is just a social construct based on traditional gender roles.’

Oh and yes, my fiancé has heard me say a million things like this.  And yes, he still wants to marry me.  And for that, plus a whole lot more, I want to marry him.

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