Running down the street and eating pizza while carrying a snowboard (aka my teenage years)

I spent a lot of my childhood, including my teenage years, roaming through forests that looked like this-


I know that your early childhood is supposed to be a time of endless imagination and the ability to be amused by anything.  Yet, for me those qualities extended into my adolescence.  This was mainly because I had pretty amazing friends in high school, some of whom remain my closest friends to this day.  And we could do things like run through the woods, even as teens, and have a total blast.

I just want to put on record – I would never want to be a teenager again.  For many reasons.  But considering what adolescence can be for a lot of people, mine was pretty good.  I still look back fondly on it.  But I’d never want to be that age again.  No way.

Anyways, like I said, I had some pretty kicka$$ friends.  They were able to make the most mundane day into an adventure.  I was able to let my guard down with them and do silly things, like run down the street while carrying a snowboard and eating pizza.  Yes, I did that.  Oh and I did that at 9 pm at night.  Of course.  Duh guys, I was going night- snowboarding.  Didn’t you do that, too?  Oh wait, maybe only kids who grow up in states like Vermont do that…

The other thing I want to say about being my teenage years is this:  I never thought I was invincible.  There’s this idea amongst us adults that teens do so many ridiculous things because they don’t think anything bad will actually happen to them.  I wonder, though, if we’re misremembering our younger years when we say that.  I know that at least for me, that was not the case.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m totally anxious and I am always thinking of the worst-case scenario in any given situation.  I was no different when I was a teen.  I knew I could get hurt or in trouble or both by doing some of the things I did.  But I did them anyways.  Because they seemed like fun.  And I didn’t want to miss out on fun times.  So anyways, that was just my experience with that one aspect of being a teen and I’m wondering if it was true for anyone else, too.

Okay, enough about adolescence.  At least, for now.

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